Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hottest Trends - 2013

What's in store for 2013 Wedding Trends?  It is going to be an amazing year to get married and a great time to be in love!  Check out more Wedding Trends you should say "I DO" to in 2013: 

Prints will be huge this year.  Geometric shapes and striped fabrics will be seen in bridesmaids dresses, wedding invitations, wedding cakes and linens.  It is a fresh and vibrant look, one which will really make your wedding unique.  The key to using prints for your wedding is to remember not to go too overboard. Colors should compliment each other rather than match completely.

Open Backed Dresses
Dramatic open backs will be seen from virtually every designer this year.  Dresses boasting lacy keyholes, sexy crisscrossed straps and flowing ribbons were all showcased in New York at the Fall 2013 Bridal Market.

Flower of the Year: Peony
Peonies reign as the most popular flower, even with their short window of availability.  Soft, lush, romantic blooms are in.  But with the bloom only available for two months out to the year, a back up option is the garden rose, which has the same delicate petal feeling but is much more readily available.  Garden roses in peach and pinks and layers of blush create a ombre effect.  The feel is modern with a charming and nostalgic edge.

Neutral Color Palettes & Communal Tables
Taupes, tans and grays never go out of style and look especially lovely when paired with metallics and pastels - think rose gold paired with desert tan.
Long rectangular communal tables are becoming more prominent at weddings.  Some couples are even foregoing the traditional formal head table and opting to sit with their guests.  It is a great way to put yourself in the heart of the party!

Foil Invitations
Dreaming of a glamorous look for your invitations?  Glints of metallic gold, silver and bronzes stamped directly on the invitation will add the perfect touch of sophistication.  Metallic flare on wedding invitations has been a wedding trend for a while now.  It looks like wedding trends for 2013 will be no exception.  Invitation experts expect brides to remain mad about metallics this year.  If you are not wild about having foil stamped on your invitation, another option is foil edging.  It is a great way to bring in another color and add a little bit of shimmer.  Think fuchsia shine on the edge of a classic black and white invitation for a fun, modern touch

Going Green
Being environmentally conscious is thankfully nothing new - but after Pantone announced Emerald as the 2013 Color of the Year, it's a great time to honor the enchanting hue.  Pair this beautiful color with black and white graphics for a modern twist. The color mint will also be a huge hit this year for spring.

Davina Arceneaux
Director of Catering / Wedding Specialist