Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cocktail Hour Ideas that "Wow"

The cocktail portion of your wedding may not be at the top of your agenda, but for many guests, those 45-plus minutes spent sipping cocktails and nibbling on decadent hors d' oeuvres are one of the best times of the night.  This hour sets the mood and warms guests up for your reception.  To kick off your celebration, consider these fun ideas:

Tequila and Taco Pairing
This sip and bite duo is sure to keep your guests talking.  Pair taste size portions of tequila with mini tacos to include: fish, beef and chicken
Mini Tuna Tacos can also be paired with margarita shots.

Whiskey and Cheese Pairing 
If you have not tried this taste duo, you might be surprised at how exquisite the pairing when properly matched.  Something wonderful happens as the silkiness of scotch cuts through the creaminess of cheese and flavor notes of one accentuate the other.  Together they offer endless possibilities for intriguing taste combinations.

Micro-Beer Tasting 
Have a small jazz quartet set the tone with a micro-beer tasting, served with cheese selections.  The beautiful colors of the beers make the experience a rich alternative to a wine tasting.  Invite a local brew master to talk to your guests about the different flavors that welcome them with each sip.  You'll find that brewers of fine ale are just as passionate about the beer as the winemakers are about wine.  Besides, your guests will love this interaction.  Consider mini bass ale mugs with shrimp and corn beignets.

Sushi and Sake Tasting
Given the ever increasing rise in requests for sushi bars at weddings, it seems only natural that the demand for super premium sakes is also gaining in popularity.  Select nigiri and maki sushi, sashimi and rolls.  Serve with soy sauce, pickled ginger and chopsticks.  A Sushi Chef can also be available upon request.

Davina Arceneaux
Director of Catering / Wedding Specialist